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Realise your potential

Can you explain yourself, and your own unique potential? Do you know where you want to go in life, and do you have a map to get there?


Most people answer those questions by talking about their skills, qualifications and experience; which is fine if you have those things and are only interested in where you’ve already been. But they don’t tell you much about the road ahead...

At Kokkoi, we think differently about potential.

Our team have decades of experience helping people and organisations around the world to identify and leverage their unique potential. We use objective, non-judgemental data on motivation and perception to help people of any age and level of experience understand and explain themselves.


The outcomes? People who are energised, engaged and able to navigate whatever the future holds. Young people who know where they are going and why, and how they are going to get there. Organisations that thrive on change, grow sustainable performance - and who retain talent.

Realising unique potential. Isn’t it time you realised yours?

I am a teenager

or young adult

I work with teens and young adults

I’m a business owner, manager or other professional

Try it for yourself. 


We can demonstrate the power of this data in a version, and at a price point, that is appropriate to you and your group - simply contact us so we can get the conversation started. We work with unemployed youth, Corporate C-suites and pretty much everyone else.

κόκκοι are seeds or grains. It takes imagination to see the coming harvest in a handful of dry seeds; but farmers do this all the time. We are all about helping you see, and unleash, the potential in yourself and others.

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