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hoozyu equips you to fully realise your potential.

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Here’s what you could achieve with hoozyu


  • Get clear on what motivates you and keeps you engaged

  • and what will leave you feeling drained;

  • Understand why you may react badly to some people and situations, and how to manage that;

  • Identify the things that really matter to you;

  • Build a menu of career options that will give you scope to develop your talent.

hoozyu includes an online questionnaire which will take you about 30 minutes to complete; within 5 minutes of submitting your responses you'll be able to access your results on the hoozyu platform, along with worksheets, guides, your printable Summary Report, and other content that will enable you to build your understanding of exactly who you are.

Ready to Buy Now?

hoozyu costs NZD 135 (including GST) per person

Want to know more?

To celebrate Careers Expo 2022 we are giving away a pdf edition of the hoozyu book, FREE

What young people have said

"I was not sure about myself before the program but now I know myself better and know what to do and what I want to do in the future"

Free Resources - see below for downloadable resources for Parents, Teachers, Careers Advisors, Employers, and Tertiary & Vocational Institutions

For Tertiary & Vocational Institutions - Using predictive data to improve your Admissions Process (.pdf)

At Kokkoi we are all about helping you to realise your potential. If you would like to explore becoming a hoozyu facilitator, please purchase and complete your own hoozyu and then contact

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