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Objective, positive data for young people, and for the people who work with them

We are currently in our discovery phase, and interested in working with four groups of people and organisations. If you fit, or work with, one of these categories, please connect with us at


1. Rangatahi (Young people)


Using a well established, non-trivial, psychometric framework, we can help any young person understand what they really care about, what they are expecting of those around them and how to manage their reactions to “triggering events”. Outcomes include increased confidence and self-efficacy, the ability to answer the question “who am I”, and to be able to explain themselves, accurately, to others.


2. Youth Development Workers, Teachers, Mentors, Social Workers and Community Leaders


Like all of us, those who work with young people benefit from increasing their own self-awareness, not least because it is hard to help others develop, if you are not constantly developing yourself. Even more fundamental, is the value of learning (“from the inside”, as it were) a robust and proven framework for understanding and leveraging individual differences in motivation and perception.


3. Employers receiving interns, apprentices, jobseekers and new graduates


On-boarding new employees, especially those with little or no prior work experience, is taxing in terms of time and effort, and therefore of money. It is even harder to do this blind, with little or no idea of where the new employee will fit or how to manage them most effectively. We can help you ensure that you are investing in the right people in the right way to maximise the return for your business, and for your new employees.


4. Government agencies, Police and Youth Justice, Community Organisations, Youth Foundations and Social Enterprises working with Youth


It is all about data. When the data you have are mostly about the things that have gone wrong, it can be hard to see young people other than as some kind of problem to be solved. The data we can equip you with are valid, reliable and extremely objective; but they are positive and demonstrate where the potential lies in each individual. They can also help identify any common characteristics within groups of clients.

Try it for yourself. 


We can demonstrate the power of this data in a version, and at a price point, that is appropriate to you and your group - simply contact us at so we can get the conversation started. We've worked with unemployed youth and Corporate C-suites and pretty much everyone else. 

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