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Activated Self-Awareness

Your Answer for Developing Managers and Leaders in your Organisation

Managers fail to develop their people. Leaders are swallowed up in trouble-shooting instead of direction-setting. People are hired to patch holes. Morale heads south. Lack of trust increases. Communication breaks down. And worst of all: the business keeps running, regardless, so nothing gets done about the dysfunction going on behind the scenes...

If any of that sounds familiar, you're not alone. But how is building self-awareness in your leaders and managers going to fix any of that?

Well, on its own it won't. Self-awareness gives you people who may know themselves well, but who are still too busy trying to put out the next fire, or deal with the next crisis, to do anything with that knowledge. 

We have to equip people with a framework that helps them understand themselves (and how to be more effective in everything that they do), but also everyone else (and how they can play an effective part in things too).

We call this activated self-awareness, and it changes everything. All the intractable people problems you have been dealing with, look very different when each individual knows how to leverage their strengths and manage their weaknesses - often by calling on the perspective and strength of those who are different from them.

Now we can get some real mahi done.

Imagine if every Manager: 


  • Understood the behaviours and perspectives they have to leverage and how to mitigate any gaps;

  • Was equipped with a framework to turn this self-knowledge into actionable intelligence; 

  • Valued the diversity of strengths and perspectives represented by their team;

  • Managed their team with empathy and engagement, getting the best out of their people;

Imagine if every Leader:


  • Saw the real value in the organisation’s people;

  • Set priorities that aligned people with the organisational mission;

  • Hired people who fit the mission and added value to the organisation;

  • Delivered the mission.

These are the outcomes Kokkoi delivers. We can't transform your organisation: but we can give your people what they need to do it themselves.

Our approach is simple, fast to deploy, delivers lasting change - and it works.

We use The Birkman Method® to deliver individual and group learning. Individual learning builds self-awareness; but it is the social element of group learning - in the moment, in your real context - which produces the “Aha! Now I see it!” moments, that activate that self-awareness and turn it into your most powerful lever for organisational change.


The Kokkoi team have been delivering change in major business, government, educational and not-for-profit organisations, around the world, for well over 20 years. Find out more.

Let's discuss the challenges that activated self-awareness could address in your organisation.

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