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expresso is a self-service platform, delivering psychometric data and powerful interpretation, based on The Birkman Method (TBM).

It equips individuals at any stage of their career to take responsibility for their own development and self-management, and has the power to transform group interactions and collaboration.


Whether you are self-employed, finding your feet in the corporate world, or leading an organisation with thousands of employees, expresso can help you develop greater resilience and increased understanding of yourself and others, and help you to articulate the things that really matter to you in terms of your motivations, preferred environment, and how others can best communicate with you.

expresso uses just over 250 of the 300 scores and scales included in the Birkman dataset, including some not accessible via the standard TBM reports.

What's included?


An expresso account gives you ongoing personal access to the expresso Platform, including your own Birkman Method Questionnaire to complete (or import of existing Birkman profile if you have one), 250+ Birkman scores, worksheets, and other learning resources.

Once you've completed the questionnaire, you'll be able to access your report within the expresso platform, and begin leveraging objective data to manage your engagement, develop your talent, and build your stress resistance, change readiness and resilience.

Download sample Summary Report:

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Looking for team or organisational solutions?



"My workplace paid for the staff to do [expresso], and it was amazing!"

"In my search for career advancement, the profiling that I did with your firm helped guide me in my choices. Initially picked a business development role with a top law firm, and fate would have it, the offer fell through. I took up this new regional BD role with an expanded suite of architectural and interior design service offerings with confidence that I'd be working in my sweet spot! Thank you once again."

"I've gone through the expresso platform & worksheets over the weekends and it's been really helpful for me in thinking through my next steps. The insights from expresso gave me better ideas in terms of what I might find fulfilment in... Much appreciation for all your help!"

"I’m done with the [Working Together] eCourse on the LMS and the experience has been amazing. Going through 4 core topics with 22 eModules was engaging. Easy to navigate, easy to follow, the videos are engaging, clear to point explanations, well designed workbook."

[Referring to Working Together] "excellent and succinct. You and team should be proud of what impact (substance as well) you have in 40 min" [of video content].

Working Together - Lesson 1 Screenshot Kokkoi.png

Now available: Working Together


Working Together is a powerful package designed to help you maximise the impact of your expresso report. 


This programme combines video material with written and visual content in an easy to navigate course format. There’s a digital workbook to download and complete, and plenty of opportunities for reflection and cementing your learning throughout.


This course is all about understanding how people work, and how you can work more effectively with others. We'll walk you through your own expresso data, focusing on 3 key areas: Motivation, Perspective and Application of the data. Find out more at

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