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We provide training in order to equip you to do what we do: provide powerful and transformative understanding and experiences to your own clients or the organisation you work for.


Whether you are a Birkman Certified Professional seeking to continue learning and add new skills and understanding to your toolbelt, or you are interested in starting your own Birkman journey by getting certified in Birkman, we have options for you:

Birkman Signature Certification

Get trained and equipped to work with individuals, teams and organisations using Birkman’s Signature Suite of reports.


Component Combinations (Advanced)

Taking you deeper in your understanding and interpretation of Birkman Components.


Using Birkman in Recruitment

If you want to know how to use Birkman data to find candidates who really fit both the role and the organisation, this is the course for you!

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Other Courses & Content...

Check out what other courses we have currently available on the Kokkoi learning platform...

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