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How we deliver lasting change and tangible outcomes, every time.

The team at Kokkoi have honed their skills and expertise in developing managers and leaders and delivering organisational change, through nearly a quarter of a century of experience working for global clients including: Visa, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, EY, KPMG, P&G, Dentsu, RBS, DBS, Paradigm Norton, the NHS in England and Wales, DWP Scotland, Universities in UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, Care for the Family and many more.


Along the way we have been exposed to many other assessments and tools, but have chosen to work exclusively with the Birkman Method for one simple reason: nothing else delivers the results Birkman can.

How do we work in an organisational setting?

We collect data.

If you are used to this meaning that hordes of consultants will come in and ask endless questions - forget it. Instead, each employee involved in the process will receive a link to the online Birkman Questionnaire that will take them, on average, 35 minutes to complete. Yes, that can add up to a substantial time commitment across the organisation, but it's more than worth it for the long-lasting value this data will provide.

We equip your people to understand themselves.

Depending on the level of reporting being employed, this might mean a group debrief session, or it might mean one or more one-on-one sessions. Every report comes with an online guide, explaining the framework we are using. The nett result is enhanced self-awareness: light bulb moments for the vast majority - and for those who initially may not recognise themselves, even bigger 'aha' moments when the penny drops.


We facilitate your people understanding themselves in the context of their team, and the mission.

This is the critical step in achieving activated self-awareness. This goes beyond understanding how you are different from others on your team. It is about understanding the 'superpowers' each of you are bringing to the team, and how that equips your team to deliver the mission. Faster, better, smarter, and more effectively.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but the practical applications include:

  • Leadership development

  • Board / Senior Leadership Team Coaching

  • Training first-time managers

  • Team performance (board / c-suite to front-line customer service teams etc)

  • Team selection and formation (e.g. new project or service areas)

  • HiPo programmes, talent pipeline, talent acquisition and retention

  • Organisational culture mapping

  • Communication (internal / external)

  • Problem-framing and -solving

  • Organisational change programmes

  • Building resilience

  • Selection (internal / external)

  • Diagnosis of performance issues (e.g. Customer Service complaint rates, Billing errors etc)



Finally, for the past 14 years we have also been one of Birkman’s trusted Learning Partners, responsible for Certifying new Birkman Certified Professionals. For you that means you can bring this approach in-house (if you want to) and have your people trained and available. In the meantime, tap into our experience and let us get you started!

So what makes Birkman different?


  • It is fast - Birkman produces individual profiles in under an hour. Result - asking us to come in doesn’t mean you will be putting up with hordes of consultants asking questions for months on end.

  • It is stable - you can use individual results for 10-20 years with confidence. Result - we won’t be coming back every 18 months telling you it is time to pay to re-test; instead your investment, once for each individual, becomes an ever more valuable resource over time.  

  • It is incisive - you can pierce the presentation layer that everyone brings to the interview room. Result - whether you are interviewing new outside hires, or promoting from within, you get to choose questions that really get to the heart of the matter: is this person the one we need, now?

  • It is positive - Birkman reports and data are non-judgemental and affirming. Result - by the time one or...


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