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I am looking for personal insight and development


We have options for individual consultant-facilitated coaching, as well as a self-service professional development platform. See below for more information and to purchase.

I am looking for insight and development for my organisation


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Thank you so much for your sharing yesterday. I found it very beneficial to myself and would love to recommend this to other friends.

Signature Coaching Conversation

Birkman Signature Report


The Birkman Signature Report, with one-on-one coaching conversation conducted by a highly experienced Birkman Certified Professional, is the ultimate high-impact coaching intervention for leaders, managers and professionals intent on developing their career.


By the end of the session, you will have clear view of how to leverage your motivational profile, know how to manage yourself in areas in which you may be causing yourself problems and a set of developmental priorities which are going to deliver real results for you.

The full Signature Report contains 32-pages and includes interpretation of scores.

Consultant Facilitated

Take a look at the sample 1-page Signature Summary Report, to see the scope of the data included:

For more info on what's included, what makes the Signature Report such a powerful and impactful option, and how to get your own:

For Individual Professionals
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expresso Professional Account


Your expresso Professional Account gives you ongoing personal access to the expresso Platform, including your own Birkman Method Questionnaire (or import of existing Birkman profile if you have one), 250+ Birkman scores, worksheets, and other learning resources.


Leverage objective data to manage your engagement, develop your talent, and build your stress resistance, change readiness and resilience.

Download sample expresso Summary (top 44 scores):

Note: if you are looking for team or organisational solutions, please click here

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