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Birkman Signature Report.png

Your Signature Report will help you in a number of ways: from working more effectively, to knowing which contexts suit you best, understanding your relationships, what to do if you are experiencing challenges, and what careers are likely to be a good match for you.

What do you get when you purchase Signature from us?


Firstly we'll send you a link to complete the Birkman Questionnaire


Once you've completed the Questionnaire we'll be able to send you your own 32-page Birkman Signature Report


We'll also send you a link to access an audio guide which will walk you briefly through the different sections of your report


And we'll arrange a 60-minute video call to take a more in-depth look at your specific scores and help you to understand the nuances of your report - as well as answering any questions you may have!

What's included in the Birkman Signature Report?


  • Introduction to your Report

  • Your Birkman Map

  • Your Birkman Interests

  • Your Birkman Components

  • Career Exploration

  • Action Plan

John Public Signature Summary.png

Sample of a one-page Summary Report. The full Signature Report contains 32-pages and includes interpretation of scores.

You can also contact us to request a copy of the full sample Signature report, which features data for the same 'John Q Public' as the one-page summary:

What makes Signature such a valuable option, compared to other reports?


The main difference between Signature and other products that we offer is that only Birkman's Signature Report contains the powerful Birkman Components data. These 9 sets of 3 scores are what Birkman describe as their 'secret sauce'!

"The unparallelled level of insight provided through these scales allows individuals to discover unique behaviors, beliefs, and preferences regarding interpersonal, personal, and organizational situations."

Example Physical Energy Scores.png

The report includes a dedicated page of scales and interpretation for each of the Components.

What are the 9 Birkman Components?

Your sociability, approachability, and preference for group and team participation.


Your preferred pace for action and physical expression of energy.


Your openness and comfort with expressing emotion.


Your use of sensitivity when communicating with others.


Your tendency to speak up and express opinions openly and forcefully.


Your approach to details, structure, follow-through, and routine.

Your drive for personal rewards or preference to share in group rewards.


Your preference to focus attention or change focus and seek varied activities.

Your decision making process and concern for consequences in making the right decision.

Each of these 9 Components comes with 3 scores: Usual Behaviour, Needs and Stress Behaviour. These scores are explained in the Signature Report, but will also be covered in-depth by the Birkman Certified Professional during your 60-minute call.

Sound like what your team needs?

Signature has unparalleled power to help teams and even whole organisations to work more effectively, by identifying the core contributions each person is likely to make, and by allowing even those with dramatically different perspectives to work more effectively together.

You may also want to consider our other Birkman-powered options for teams and organisations, so get in touch and we can help you match your desired outcomes to the right solution.

Interested in Signature for yourself?


Whatever stage you have reached in your career, the challenge is always about making the transition from the success that got you this far, to a new paradigm that can take you further. 

Signature will help you understand yourself in ways, and with a clarity, you haven't acheived before; but it goes further than that. It will give you an inventory of the resources you have to work with and the as-yet-unused levers which you can use to shift your performance to the next level. So let's talk...

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