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3 Tips for getting started with your Birkman Signature Report

So you’ve got your Birkman Signature Report, what now?

There’s a whole heap you can learn just from going through the report itself, but don’t stop there.

1. Have you been through the online guide yet?

This is a great starting place, as it gives you a good basic knowledge of the different sections of the data, on which you can keep building as you keep engaging with these scores. As you listen to the different audio segments, they will walk you through your report, so it's a good idea to have a (digital or physical) copy of your Signature report to hand as you go through.

Better yet, pause the audio, read your own scores and reflect on the different sections as they are covered. This will give you some great preliminary notes, ready for the next step...

2. Make full use of your one-on-one conversation with a Birkman coach.

This is your chance to really dig in and understand the things that aren’t self-evident from the report — particularly regarding the components.

Ask questions, listen to the language and anecdotes they use to talk about each score, clarify anything you feel unsure about, and be open to what they’re saying, even if you aren’t sure you immediately agree.

There may be some things that take a while to sink in, or which you don’t recognise at the moment. Often, if people have a score they are less convinced about, it will become suddenly apparent to them at a later stage — usually when their context changes and they suddenly see that aspect of themselves in a new light. So trust the process and don’t worry about anything that feels less relevant to you at the moment. Keep coming back to your report, and who knows — those seemingly unimportant parts may become key factors for you at a later date.

3. Take time to reflect.

Don't miss the opportunity to document any light bulb moments you're experiencing, so that they stay fresh for you and you can keep coming back to them.

This is a real key to making sure you are actually able to apply the data to your own life and context. Whether you write simple notes, or give yourself detailed action points, do something to capture what you are learning about yourself (as well as about others, and how they may differ from you).

Coming up with relevant questions (and answers!) can be a great way to untangle those key learnings for yourself. e.g. What does my Low Incentives Usual mean for the way I approach managing my direct reports going forward? What can I do to ensure that I am meeting the Needs of any of my team who may have a strong Need for feedback and a sense of how they are doing?

Those are just a couple of quick tips to get you started, but one of the best ways to keep learning, engaging and getting more out of your Birkman Report is to check out our Facebook page. We share a lot of great content, ideas, tips and resources for anyone using any of our Birkman-powered reports. Check it out!


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