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Using Birkman in Recruitment - Virtual Training Programme

See below for details and pricing

Recruitment is a huge field, and this short course is not attempting to cover everything to do with recruitment. But: if you want to know how to find candidates who really fit both the role and the organisation, and how to use Birkman data to achieve that fit, this is the course for you!


This training programme comprises 6 sessions, usually running Tues-Thurs for two weeks. We currently have no fixed dates for our next Using Birkman in Recruitment programme, but you can contact us to register your interest.

The 6 sessions, led by Jon Mason, will be approximately 1 hour each, and there will be a piece of pre-work for each session (15-30 minutes max). 

Pricing: USD $825 / pax equivalent (plus local taxes where applicable). Kokkoi & Elaura-trained Birkman Certified Professionals will receive a 10% discount: USD $742.50 (plus local taxes where applicable).

This programme is designed to be of use both to:

  1. those who are already Birkman Certified Consultants (internal and external), and 

  2. to People and Talent professionals who want to understand what Birkman data could add to their recruitment selection processes.

In the 6 sessions, we will cover topics including:

  • What actually matters in recruitment - and what should be specified in the Position Description?

  • What do we do when we have no suitable candidate, or if we hire the wrong person?

  • What, if anything, is the difference between hiring for entry level roles and for the C-suite?

  • Birkman comprises an extensive and diverse dataset; so how do we know what data to use when?

  • How do we compare candidates fairly and for the best outcomes (for them as well as us)?

  • Can Birkman data help us ask better questions at Interview, and how?

  • Can you use Birkman data for screening and benchmarking, and when?

"Another really helpful session. I enjoyed the way different delegates’ input both affirmed and challenged some of my thinking, so I ended up with a broader perspective."

"I found the session very useful in terms of considerations in using different Birkman data for selection for different types of entry level roles and job roles in different contexts."

"It's been a great training with a good group of people. Thanks so much."

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